My Loves

I am a blessed momma. I wasn't always this lucky. There was a time in my life that my husband and I thought we couldn't have kids. After trying for a year I got pregnant, and it ended in a miscarriage. A month later pregnant again. Ended in a tubal pregnancy. Then came Jasmine ...

Jasmine is a sweet soul. She's the one that made me a momma <3 Such a sweet, good girl.

After Jasmine we had issues again and couldn't seem to get pregnant. A year went by, then two years ... then we were pregnant again! But we lost that pregnancy as well. Another tubal is what they told us. The dr. gave us some grim news saying that we only had a 50% chance of ever having another child. So we gave up on the idea. We had Jasmine. She filled our hearts <3 We adjusted to the idea of having one child.

Then we got a surprise! 6 years after having Jasmine ... Jessica came along! Jessica is so sweet and considerate. She's a giver. She'd do anything for anyone and do it happily.

We were so surprised when we got pregnant with Jessica, we didn't expect to have any more! We felt blessed already, but then another surprise came along ... and this time we were having a BOY!

This is where our little buddy comes in ... "Iah" (Jessiah)

Iah is ALL BOY let me tell ya! He loves all things dirt, bugs, snakes, tractors, dirt bikes. He's a sweet boy who will cuddle with me and hug and kiss on me. He wants to grow up to be "just like Daddy" as he always says.

With hearts full and now a decent size family, we were sure that was it. We never thought we'd have any, then after Jasmine we thought we'd have one child ... now here we are with 3! It's amazing how God can change a situation around! We are so blessed! Then it happens .... SURPRISE! Pregnant AGAIN!

Enter .... JADE ....

Little miss Jade is getting ready to turn ONE! She's a sweetheart and also very strong willed! She's gonna give us all a run for our money! She is the last of this Weimer clan. Our small baseball team is complete <3

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