RIP D7000

Well, my D7000 took it's last picture. My daughter can literally say that I took her picture and it broke the camera. I took my school age kids out to the field to do some "School's Out!" photos. I was pretty well done taking pictures and tried to snap a few more shots of Jessica goofing off and my camera quit. After doing some research it seems pretty bleak. Don't worry though, there's a Nikon D2x on it's way to me and should be here in a few days. The d7000 has served me well. It's done it's share of sessions for sure! I may still look into sending it away to have it repaired if I can get more life out of it.

The last pictures my beloved D7000 took...

the VERY last photo my D7000 snapped ...

and just to show that it's had a full life ....

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