9 year photography anniversary!

Wow! It's been 9 years since I started on this journey! That's worth a celebration!

Truth is, I'm doing what I LOVE! This is my PASSION! It can get stressful and crazy at times. But I truly LOVE photography.

It all started in when I decided to take some pictures of my daughter Jasmine because I didn't like taking her to Walmart, etc. for pictures. I liked outdoor backgrounds (real backgrounds) better than a landscape on a large piece of paper. So one day while at my parent in law's house I dressed Jasmine up and took her outside and posed her and took some pictures with my generic cheap camera. Then I edited them with some cheapo editing software and printed them on my parent in law's printer. I thought the photos turned out A M A Z I N G! What little did I know! But it inspired me. I loved it! It was fun and my creativity was coming out, it was great! So I started researching photography and joined a forum called ilovephotography .... I lurked and read all the posts and asked questions, and started taking the advice I was given. So I went out and bought the books that were recommended to me, and I read it, and t hen I read it again and again. In the meantime (after reading it the first time) I bought my first entry level DSLR! A Nikon D50 with a 50mm 1.8 lens. I LOVED my new camera and lens but was still so confused of how to use it correctly to get it's fullest potential. So I kept reading my book and asking questions and playing with my camera. Practice Practice Practice!!! And lots of critique! Then I finally got the guts to start taking pictures of friends and family at no charge. After about a year of doing that I felt like I was confident enough to start charging something. It wasn't much at first ... but I was still an amateur and didn't want to overcharge. Well ... thousands and THOUSANDS of photos later ... here I am! Still doing what I love! And my knowledge and understanding of photography grew so much since then! It's like second nature now. Before it was a lot to take in and a lot to remember with all the settings and the lighting and the editing, etc. Now it comes natural to me and I can just really ENJOY it! And I do. I love it!

My photography is my sole job besides being a mommy to 4 rambunctious kids! It helps put food on our table, keep a roof over our head, and shoes on our feet. I love and appreciate all of my clients! Thank you for all the years of allowing me to photograph your children and your family, etc.!

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