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So this is a "non-photography" related subject, but I hope that it's still a good read and perhaps will even help bring some awareness to someone :)

I'm not a hippy, or a "crunchy mamma" ... as some call it. But I do try to live naturally within my families means. What I mean is, we can't really afford to go ALL NATURAL / ORGANIC, because it IS more expensive. If I could afford it, I totally would do it. But I have to live within our means, so there are just certain things that I do to give me peace of mind, and not break the bank.

Some of the things I do that are affordable for us and gives me peace of mind :

ASPARTAME : I NEVER EVER EVER buy ANYTHING with aspartame in it! Never! Aspartame is SO bad for you! It can cause brain tumors, cancer, headaches, vision changes, etc.

So yeah - we don't buy any gum from the store because guess what ... it ALL has aspartame in it. If I want to buy gum, I purchase it from Glee Gum online that uses natural ingredients.

Usually anything that says "Diet" or "Sugar Free" on it has aspartame in it. But you have to watch things that don't say that to - like gum and some candies, etc. Always check the ingredients and read thoroughly!

HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP : I "try" to buy things that do not have this ingredient. I would say 95% of the time I purchase things that don't have it. But occassionally there is something I need that might have it in. But most the time - I can find what I want with the option of not having the high fructose corn syrup.

HYDROGENATED OILS : I typically never buy anything with Hydrogenated oils in. And they're in a lot of things. So you really got to watch.

COLOR DYES : this is a HARD one to stay completely away from because EVERYTHING has food coloring these days! But there are options .... such as vegetable based food coloring. You can purchase products that are colored with veggies and fruits in stead of harmful dyes. That's always my choice when I have the option. For example - my kids NEVER get KOOL AID at my house. Instead I'll buy tea bags and make ice tea, or purchase ORGANIC Juice, etc.

PRESERVATIVE/ADDITIVES : I buy as many products as I can that has no additives/preservatives. ALDI'S is a great place to shop preservative/additive free!

No PROCESSED Foods : I typically don't buy processed foods (frozen meals, dinners, etc.) Such as chicken tenders, patties, fish sticks, or basically ANY frozen meals. I do the majority of my grocery shopping in the produce, meat and dairy sections. Usually the only thing I buy from the frozen section is frozen veggies and fruit when needed.I also either make homeade mac n cheese, or purchase it organic (that's just one example).

ANTIBIOTIC FREE MEAT : I am very picky about my chicken, I usually only buy one specific brand/kind that we like and that is fresh and healthy.

WILD CAUGHT FISH : I only buy wild caught fish. The farm raised fish is so polluted it defeats the health purposes of eating fish.

PESTICIDE FREE / ORGANIC : I buy as many organic fruit/veggies that I can. I don't always have that option with every single kind of fruit veggie that I need ... but when I have the option I buy organic. And I only buy organic apples - I won't purchase/eat an apple that's not organic (or give it to my family) - apples are the number 1 worst fruit for being contaminated with pesticides. Same goes with apple juice/cider of course. Must must must be organic.

MSG : I don't buy products that have MSG in. P.S. check your dressings (ranch, etc.) and your chips/snacks (doritos, etc.) and oodles of noodles, as well as other processed foods. even chicken noodle soup and some other soups and gravy mixtures. There's a lot of products that have MSG.

SODIUM NITRATE : This one is a big one for me! I don't buy things with sodium nitrate. I may occassionally enjoy a sub/hoagie ... but not on a regular basis. Sodium nitrate causes cancer and can be found in preserved meats such as lunchmeats, hot dogs, keilbasa, hams, etc. Sometimes there are sodium nitrate free options though - so I try to look for those when we're hungry for a hoagie, etc.

CHEMICALS / PARABENS : I buy/use shampoos, conditioners, lotions, sunscreens, pretty much ANYTHING you put on your body ... I only buy online from places I trust that use herbs, essential oils, and all organic ingredients in their product. I buy these products completely chemical / paraben free. The things we put on our body end up in our system, so it's very important not to be putting chemicals ON our bodies either. Just as we wouldn't eat the chemicals. Yes, this means I don't buy those fabulous smelling bath and body works lotions, etc. And IF I use perfume - I only spray it on the outside of my clothes where it won't come into contact with my skin.

BPA : another chemical. I don't buy any products that I know has BPA in it. However, can liners, plastic, etc. - there's a lot of things with BPA. There are thankfully lots of BPA free options. But there's no way (that I know of anyway) to know what cans, etc. do still have BPA in them. So it's partially a guessing game since everything's not marked.

PLANTS : Ok so this is something that I don't avoid but encourage :) I have a few houseplants and plan to get more. Plants help purify our oxygen :)

ESSENTIAL OILS : something else I encourage - but be knowledgeable! I never ingest essential oils, and I don't use them neat (un-dilluted) on my body. I mainly diffuse. But you must MUST must do your research! Some essential oils should not be used around/with children! Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary are just a few. Also there are some you should not be around during pregnancy - Rosemary, Clary Sage, etc. are a couple. Use them wisely. Do research and talk to a CERTIFIED CLINICAL AROMATHERAPIST like I did.

There are other things that I watch and stear clear of, etc. But I'm gonna wrap this up :) There's so much more I could do to live more naturally, but these are the things that I find manageable and possible for my family. This is what works for me :) And it gives me a peace of mind knowing I'm doing what I can to keep my family safe and healthy.

So many people are being diagnosed with cancers, tumors, diseases these days. I truly believe it's from all the chemicals, pollutants, and all the additives, etc. in the things we eat, put on our skin, and even in our clothes, furniture, toys, and all sorts of products. So I do what I can to lesson our chances of being diagnosed with a horrible disease.

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