Valentine Mini Sessions at Morguen Toole Company Saturday January 30th

I'm So excited!!! I will be doing my valentine mini session in the Hoover Suite on January 30th at MTC! This is my first time using one of their rooms for my sessions, so I don't have any examples to show, but I've seen the room and it has awesome brick walls, tons of natural window lighting,with a bedroom and a living room that I'll have full access to! How awesome is that!!!???

About my theme/props - I'll have a white ruffle curtain up in the background, strings of golden hearts hanging, an old chair, and I'll also be using what's available in the room (the brick walls, windows, bed, etc.) It's gonna be gorgeous!

Have you booked yet!? If you haven't - I still have some openings available. So book now before it's over and you miss it!

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