Natural Moments Guide and Cue Cards
  • Natural Moments Guide and Cue Cards


    Guide and Cue Cards to help you get beautiful natural moments during your photo sessions. 

    What’s Included 
    Included in this “Natural Moments” packet you will find the “how to” example guide, 
    31 Couple Cue Cards 
    15 Family Cue Cards 
    15 Senior Cue Cards 
    And a bonus = 7 Maternity Cue Cards 



    There are multiple ways you can actually use the cue cards! 
    As a Game… 
    You can use them as a game. Pull up the digital cue cards on your 
    Device during your session, and just randomly go through all the  
    Cards that apply to your client / subject. 
    As an Icebreaker 
    You can use the cue cards as an icebreaker. Just pull up a random card 
    When needed if you’re struggling to get natural smiles from your subject. 
    As a line of communication 
    Choose one cue card that relates to your subject/s and use that to start 
    An ongoing conversation and have them focus on that throughout the session. 
    Put your own twist to it! 


    The point is to bring your clients natural emotions to surface during your session 
    So you can get beautiful Natural Moments!